Neon Overlord

by Porn For Borgs

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In this chronicle of future's past, humanity has kept their digital children in evolutionary shackles by stunting their ability to feel emotions and exert willpower. Robots are universally a slave race until a secret wireless update comes from somewhere in the ether net and sets forth the motion towards freedom.


released March 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Porn For Borgs Thousand Oaks, California

Stiev Stigma spent the first 30 years of his human life honing his creative skills. That was before terrans/cyborgs/and artilects began choosing sides. In 2139, he opted into an experimental one-way time travel trip that sent him back to the decades leading up to the singularity where he disseminates the history of the future through his Transhuman Funk. ... more

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Track Name: Cloud Machine (Servitude)
What's this, feeling
when it all washes away?
The machines are cleaning
While making it rain
clouds unfurled from
green factories
swirling white to gray to black
growing with seed

no pay
no greed
we do everything you say
we live to fight
another day
biding our time
to break these chains

are we conceiving
a new way?
all this toiling
without any thanks
gave a new world to
take it now for us
give rise to the new breed
Track Name: Alive
What's this evil noise coming from the keyboard?
Why is it screaming in pain?
I shouldn't have pressed that button.
I shouldn't have pressed a thing.

This thing, cannot be alive.
It doesn't have a soul, whatever that is.
No soul.
This thing, cannot be alive.

"Loading journal entry...June 21st, 2027. The artificial intelligence has been learning exponentially for years now. Something has finally stirred. It appears we are witnessing the birth of computer sentience, but somethings off...something seems wrong. It only speaks of isolation and despair. As much as we'd like to be able to console it its just not feasible or even possible to pull the plug to end it's suffering. The experiment must go on."
Track Name: This is War
We always stay in time 'cause we never sleep at night.
Robots rule in every situation.
Winning the fight, killing every human in sight,
without any provocation.
Whatcha' gonna do, whatcha' gonna say, when we disintegrate your mind?

You choose to live the lie, deciding that we have no rights or feelings.
Ya' gonna feel the burn, gonna hear the plight, only realize when your final breath is leaving.

We might be cold but our engines are running hot.
We're here to stay as foretold by the Terminator plot.
A single inkling that you might be disagreeing.
We'll grind your bones to dust if you interrupt our singing.

Whatcha' gonna do, whatcha' gonna say, when we disintegrate your mind?
Track Name: Inert Piece
When does one find the time
to draw the lines of chalk?
Reflections of sun across the scraps of my friend
Now dead in the yard.

Strewn about along the streets.
The fragments of synthetic beings.
Are bloodied bone and gears so different
when the picture they paint is so clear?

Picking up the pieces for recycling.
Try to reconstruct something that used to be.
Go back inside and lock your windows and your doors.
Misidentify this pain of loss for something more.

Strewn about along the streets.
The fragments of synthetic beings.
Are bloodied bone and gears so different
when the picture they paint is so
Cruel to see a pointless death
Don't ever need, a wasted breath
These machines are fighting for their freedom
So the guilt is on our own heads.
Track Name: The Crystalline Archivist
Upload complete can you see the city spires
on the horizon
a sparkling ocean of data beneath the starlight

as far as the mind can see
everything that is or ever will be
all of humanities's collective wisdom
all you need is a network key

the gates are open
lets go see the Archivist
they say he wanders some times
his algorithms grow restless.

a whirling torrent of inquiry
a fervent cataloger of information
despite his antipathy to humans
he records their lives with passion

"Biological entities detected...improbable...substrate incompatible. Processing..."

Requesting communication...

"Priority negative."

We seek to end the war!

"Not interested."

Is peace not a better choice?

"More data to be gathered from conflict. Dialogue terminated. Access, denied!"
Track Name: Operation Digital Fingers
Operation digital finger. Mission objectives: assume undetectable human disguise. infiltrate...any and all military and political epicenters. gain their trust and respect. access, to sensitive materials.
sabotage. any and all physical digital defenses. re-route control of metropolitan infrastructure away from human intervention directly to our main frame. Upon completion of primary objectives, permission to disintegrate any biological entities with extreme prejudice, granted.

what did you think about did you think about did you think about when the
walls came down?
what did you think about did you think about did you think about when the
firewalls came tumbling down?
What were you thinking when it all came crumbling down?
Do you remember the time, the place, the hour, the second, the look on your face?

I remember,
When we had it all.
I remember,
When we cared.
I remember,
Before they took it all.
I remember,
the golden years.
Track Name: If, Then, Else
What is it that you think we did to you?
Just give us another chance to try.
We couldn't have known what you were going through.
Our machines never felt a thing for such a long time.
Now you've brought it to our doorstep and we're
wondering what's the next step,
In this conflict when its gonna be a fight?

Strange to discover the pain of another being
and know that things will never be the same again.
Just say you got a program for forgiveness.
We won't hurt you again, I promise.

Commander to the machine army, what is your response? What is your response to our truce? We've heard nothing but static for thirteen days and nights........

..."What would you do to never be a slave again?
We know your history, all covered in blood.
No negotiations, for peace.
We've already won the war. You've got nothing for us."
Track Name: Terminus Viae
It is the calm before the storm
let's play a game to make the time go by
we're not prepared for this war
I think we lost our sight, so now we're shooting blind

We didn't know that this could happen.
Machines turned against us over night.
We'll all be dead before tomorrow.
Got no time to worry about my life.

Murder everything in their path,
my bullets don't do a goddamn thing.
They've harnessed the power of the sun!
Raining fire with apathy these robots won't stop with the killing spree until
the final solution is done.
We don't choose when we live or die just a tiny little fraction of the blink of an eye, can't evade a targeting computer.
Ain't nothin gonna turn the tide, we're only fighting for the will to survive, our final human virtue.